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Lawn and Garden Equipment Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Saves Lawn Mower, Generator, Rototiller,
and Snow Blower Engines From Early Retirement

  • Dramatically Extends Engine Life
  • Reduced Wear and Maintenance
  • Reduced Repair Costs         


John Deere Riding Lawn Mower AMSOIL synthetic oil provides unbeatable engine protection. Lawn and Garden equipment, rototiller,


AMSOIL synthetic small engine oil provides unbeatable engine protection. Lawn and Garden equipment will run cooler, smoother, and last longer for lawn mowers, pressure washer, generator, roto tiller, wood chipper, log splitter
See prices or place an Order in the AMSOIL Online Store.
The simplicity of lawn mower four-cycle lubrication systems practically requires advanced lubrication technology. Many of these systems do not include an oil filter, so changing the oil periodically is the only way to remove wear causing particles. A petroleum oil in a small engine has the same limitations and defects as petroleum in automotive uses: it breaks down under high temperatures and high RPM's. In small four-cycle engines, the effects of conventional oil breakdown are even more destructive than they are in automotive engines because of the small engine's lack of oil filtration. In small engines, the oil dispersants must keep contaminants and wear particles suspended in the oil until it is eventually drained. When petroleum oil breaks down it doesn't take very long before these cleaning additives are depleted. Once the dispersants are gone, contaminants start dropping out of the oil, causing deposits and sludge buildup. Premature engine wear is the result. The thermal and oxidative stability of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils make them ideal for the high heat and RPMs of four-cycle engines.

 They safely hold contaminants in suspension and their superior ability to reduce friction and wear keeps engines in top condition. As an added bonus, AMSOIL motor oils contain an advanced rust-prevention additive package that keeps protecting engines against condensation and water even when you're not using them. Stop Dirt From "Sandpapering" Your Engine. Considering that lawn and garden equipment is operated in dusty, dirty environments, an inefficient air filter can be a major source of engine wear, and less than optimum air filters are often standard equipment on these machines. The life span of an engine can be shortened dramatically when it is fed a steady supply of dirt that "sandpapers" vital engine components. Plus, the more dirt that gets into your oil, the more oil dispersants are used up fighting them.

AMSOIL synthetic oils provides unbeatable engine protection.
Lawn and Garden equipment will run cooler, smoother, and last longer.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, Racing Oil and Diesel Oil Improve Gas Mileage and Increase Horsepower


Injen Cold Air Intake Systems Increase Horsepower, improve gas mileage and diesel fuel economy


WIX Filters are The Number One Filter in NASCAR


NGK Iridium Spark Plugs Increase Horsepower and Fuel Economy


Donaldson Heavy Duty Oil and Air Filters Increase Performance and Reduce Maintenance Costs

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MPG Performance is dedicated to providing you with the best high performance products that improve gas mileage, increase horsepower, diesel fuel mileage, and reduce maintenance costs for all auto, truck, diesel, SUV, motorcycle, boat, and ATV applications. We have the best synthetic motor oil, heavy duty diesel oil, marine motor oil, synthetic motorcycle oil, 2 stroke and 4 stroke racing oil, transmission fluid, synthetic gear oils, NGK spark plugs & wires, and the most complete line of advanced performance air filters and oil filters, including high performance Injen AMSOIL gasoline and diesel air intake systems. We also show you the best places to get discount high performance auto parts to help you save money.

Our Maximum Fuel Economy section shows you how to get better gas mileage, improve diesel fuel economy, and increase horsepower. We have combined race proven performance products and sound fuel efficiency methods into a complete step-by-step program that includes free gas mileage tips. This fuel saving program also helps the environment. It will reduce your vehicle's exhaust emissions and pollution which can help reduce global warming.

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